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‘Mortgage Minutes’ From Zero-Sixty… on the daily

How May I Help You?This remains the #1 question to ask anyone and everyone – on the daily. How Do We Help One Another Remain Engaged & Positive?Through time invested together – on the daily… One way is most certainly by having a read of this delightful piece. Another is remaining calm – here is […]

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Scare The Tourists!

Preparedness, consistencey, and concise, up front communication are all key in this deadline-driven business. […]

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Whether you’re a rookie mortgage broker, or a seasoned veteran, there is always something you can learn from others in the industry. Also, don’t forget the value you bring to the table. […]

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The Deadly Unasked Question

As a mortgage professional, you have the ability to both save, or potentially cost your clients thousands of dollars. Asking questions will help ensure the best rate, and outcome for your clients. […]

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Eat Failure For Breakfast

In business there are no stupid questions. Don’t give up, keep looking for ways to turn your obstacles into opportunities. […]

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Don’t Cold Call

Don’t cold call potential mortgage clients. Here are the people you should cold call, and here is what you should tell them. […]

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