Just finished at an event put on by Dustan! I was blown away by his level of knowledge, presentation style and attention to detail. Would highly recommend Dustan!


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Upcoming Workshops

  • Wednesday Nov 28th & Thursday Nov 29th
  • 9am – 3.30pm


200 Bloor St East,
South Tower, Syd Jackson Theatre,
Toronto, Ontario

A refresher (Day 1), and something fresh (Day 2) BTBB 2-day workshop 2018

Day one is logic based process and system focused content that hundreds of attendees have seen – the day has scored a 9.61 / 10 over more than 400 reviews.

Day two is fresh, it’s human-connection based content, focused on building relationships with referral partners, industry partners, and our clients. It is ultimately about building a business that allows you to throttle back and not have to keep doing the exact same high effort things over and over, decade after decade. Build a business you own, rather than one that owns you. This content has been presented once in Ottawa, and once in Vancouver this year, and the reviews have been as strong as those for Day one.

The day price is designed to accommodate those who may already have attended the Day one session on the past. But considering it is 353 slides of content – perhaps there are some ideas to be re-discovered.

See you soon!

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  • December 11th / 12th / 13th
  • AM session 9am – 1pm / PM session 3pm – 7pm

Shangri-La Hotel

188 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3
Phone: (647) 788-8888

Be The Better Broker – Mastermind Event

During this event you will invest four hours into a private conversation about your business and the business of six of your peers – along with myself. We will cover topics specific to each Brokers individuals needs.

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Feedback from previous sessions

Be the better broker By Dustan Woodhouse

Volume 1: So you want to be a Broker?

Is a frank preview of the business of the business. A critical read for those contemplating an entry into Brokering. It is an honest account of what it takes to get yourself into the zone of profitability in what is a very challenging industry. Packed with core principles to embrace from the start, and a proven worthwhile read for those already years into the business.

The mantra of Volume 1:It will not be easy, but it will be worth it!’
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Volume 2: Days 1-100 As A New Broker, Building Lasting Foundations And Surviving In The Meantime.

Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, essentially the day after you made the decision to become a licensed Broker. This book delves into essential steps in laying a foundation for long term success in the early days of your Brokering career. Preserve your capital, market strategically, build lasting relationships with clients and referral partners alike. Volume 2 is packed with dozens of process tips and lessons gleaned from the authors personal experience processing more than 1400 mortgage files, and the direct personal intake of more than 2000 applications both in person and by telephone (90% by telephone for good reason).

Whether you are brand new to the mortgage Broker business, or have been immersed in it for years, you will find value in these pages. The kind of value that leads to a greater number of files closed with a reduced amount of time invested.

The mantra of Volume 2: ‘Get The Application’
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Volume 3: The Nuts & Bolts, The Scripts & Skills To Convert The First Call to File Complete!

Is packed with thousands of words of the exact scripts used during hundreds of conversations addressing application intake, overcoming objections before they even arise, to dealing effectively with the signing of commitment, compliance, and insurance documents.

All the while using the process itself as your resume, marketing, and advertising, to build a base of referring clients, and all-out raving fans. Apply the principles and the scripts outlined in this book along with the previous two and you will be on your way to building your own 200+ file per year business.

  • You will increase your funding ratio!
  • You will increase your production!
The mantra of Volume 3: ‘File Complete!’
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For bulk pricing, please contact Dustan Woodhouse directly.