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September 30! Are You Ready?

If you’re a Realtor, Broker, property buyer or seller this matters. There’s a lot happening these days, good things, bad things, and things that fall under ‘other’. This bit of news falls under the good heading, in that we’re recognizing a tragic piece of our past as a nation. But there may be a problem […]

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Eat Failure For Breakfast

In business there are no stupid questions. Don’t give up, keep looking for ways to turn your obstacles into opportunities. […]

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Industry Relationships

Cover of Be the Better Broker by Dustan Woodhouse, Mortgage Broker

Are you building or burning bridges? Every interaction, every conversation with a mortgage industry colleague can be one or the other. […]

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Realtor Referrals

Meeting with new Realtors and converting them into believers in your superpowers is not an easy task. There are a few key things to keep in mind when sitting down with the Realtor and asking them to place their clients in your care. My experience with my top three Realtors for 2015 was as follows: […]

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