September 30! Are You Ready?

If you’re a Realtor, Broker, property buyer or seller this matters.

There’s a lot happening these days, good things, bad things, and things that fall under ‘other’. This bit of news falls under the good heading, in that we’re recognizing a tragic piece of our past as a nation. But there may be a problem with timing

On June 3 a bill passed to create a new annual national holiday.

A day for truth and reconciliation: Sept 30.

That is a tough topic, the rest of this post is on the light side though. It is on the timing side with regard to what we do on a day-to-day basis; close real estate transactions.

This new holiday falls on Sept 30.

Step 1.

Double check completion dates on any live contracts.

Step 2.

Recognize that Sept 29 is not a great completion date either, because if there is the slightest hiccup… well the next day is a stat.

And this year that stat falls on a Thursday. This means that Oct 1 is also not a great completion date, Fridays never are… typically because you’re stuck until Monday before you can fix any issues.

Skilled Brokers and experienced Realtors alike know that closing earlier in the week, with some ‘just-in-case’ cushion is always the smart play.

And if you have a live contract with a closing set for Sep 30th… well that may now be a problem.

Will the lawyers office be open to register with land titles?

Will land titles be open that day?

Will any lenders be open to move money around for purchases and sales?

If you’re ever going to assume anything, assume the worst – and then plan accordingly.

So yes, close on Sept 28th, the Tuesday… that’s a great play.

Or wait an close on Monday Oct 4th.

But, Sept 30… this date is a hard no.

And both Sept 29 and Oct 1 should be no-go zones as well.


Thanksgiving falls on Oct 11th this year.

So basically there will be a 3 day week, followed by a 4 day week, as people sneak off on the 8th to get one final 4 day weekend at the lake in, and then another 4 day week after that.

Three light workweeks in a row.

Plan accordingly, and get yourself a couple of four day weekends as well.

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