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The Deadly Unasked Question

As a mortgage professional, you have the ability to both save, or potentially cost your clients thousands of dollars. Asking questions will help ensure the best rate, and outcome for your clients. […]

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Eat Failure For Breakfast

In business there are no stupid questions. Don’t give up, keep looking for ways to turn your obstacles into opportunities. […]

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Don’t Cold Call

Don’t cold call potential mortgage clients. Here are the people you should cold call, and here is what you should tell them. […]

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Bricks & Mortar

In this business, each file you complete is another brick in your wall. The first walls (years) form the foundation that you are building your business success on. With a strong foundation, it’s up to you how many levels you build upon it. What strengthens a wall? Many things, but a key is the mortar […]

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Want Referrals?

The #1 path to consistent referrals from the same source(s) is to answer the phone the first time it rings, be in front of your computer to intake the application on that first call, and respond to every subsequent call or email instantly. Losing two hours to a morning coffee meeting? Losing two hours to […]

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Ability To Communicate

In 2017 success will be determined for many Mortgage Brokers by one single ability: The ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and strategically.   This was always the cornerstone of any significant success, but this year it will be the cornerstone of even modest success. When a client calls and asks that inevitable question, ‘what’s your […]

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Will Work For Free

Recently a previous client of mine felt pressured by a family relationship to work with another Broker, something I have no problem with. In our office we are lucky enough that each day we have a full plate as it is, and frankly I am A-OK with the odd client jumping ship now and again. […]

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An IRD-ish Story: Nuances Not Rates

Inspiration for mortgage brokers

Earlier this year, a client called to tell me that BigBlueBank (BBB) could not process his re-finance transaction due to BFS income challenges. We mapped out a strategy that he could take back to BBB. If they accepted it, then the client’s problem would be solved. If they did not, then they would have had […]

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The MPC Conference & Volume 3

Good day,   We will return to more usual day-to-day posts next week, this week is just shameless plugs for the conference and the newest book.   Shameless plug for the MPC Conference:   Hopefully you are waking up in Vancouver today or tomorrow and attending the annual Mortgage Professionals Canada conference this weekend. It […]

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