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Chapter 43: Scripts Gone Wrong

Cover of Be the Better Broker by Dustan Woodhouse, Mortgage Broker

My verbal script had fallen into a rut of repetition. And clearly my brain had shifted into cruise control. Four years after the event my face is still reflexively flushes a bit just recalling it. This was one of my all-time highs, as in the heights of stupidity. […]

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves are often out of alignment with reality. Whether it is a tale of roses & rainbows or doom & gloom, rarely do our best, or thankfully our worst fears come to fruition, and even when it seems as though they are the peaks and valleys are typically very brief. With […]

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The Four Ingredients

BELIEF DETERMINATION ACTION DISCIPLINE – A.K.A. Constant Spaced Repetition   Step One: Belief Belief boils down to three little words: clarity of purpose. Clarity of purpose is crucial. Do you know whyyou are doing what you are doing? Do you believe wholeheartedly in the why? Do you feel an unshakable sense of purpose around the path […]

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Set New Standards – A Reading List

As you start to prep your business plan for 2019 – dig into the books listed below to help with your mindset as part of the process. Setting goals is one thing, a great thing to do. This year, make sure to also set expectations. Set expectations for yourself and for your team. Communicate your expectations […]

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Journaling: A Mind’s Best Friend!

There’ve been numerous studies (sorry, no links to any) that confirm a connection with both learning new information and processing experiences through putting pen to paper and writing things down. I write… a lot, much of it on a keyboard. However every single morning starts, and nearly every single evening ends, with my putting a pen […]

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A Filter For Social Media

A filter for social media. A filter for all forms of communication and action. A filter for living life. Is it true? Is it positive? Is it useful? Living by these three tenets makes for a less-stressful social media experience for sure, but lately I’ve been trying to apply them to my conversations, my writings, […]

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