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Habits and Systems

Cover of Be the Better Broker by Dustan Woodhouse, Mortgage Broker

Having these systems rooted in your subconscious as part of a natural and consistent process will pay massive dividends for your mortgage business. […]

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Chapter 75: Incoming Client Documents

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Do not be a drag on document processing. Be the facilitator of a smooth process. Documents review, retitling, saving and forwarding should be a top-three priority at any time. […]

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Want Referrals?

The #1 path to consistent referrals from the same source(s) is to answer the phone the first time it rings, be in front of your computer to intake the application on that first call, and respond to every subsequent call or email instantly. Losing two hours to a morning coffee meeting? Losing two hours to […]

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There’s A NAP For That!

Here is my own take on the serious business of napping. During any peak period of activity in our industry a Broker can experience intense 12-, 14-, and even 16-hour days back-to-back-to-back. A key survival skill is mastery of the power nap. Make no mistake, it is a skill. You have to learn how to […]

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