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Don’t Set Goals, Set Deadlines – Part 1

Pen & Paper “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Simply saying that you ‘want to be a Broker’ isn’t enough. It’s a dream, it’s vague, with little hope for success. Stating ‘I will be a licensed Broker by X’ now that’s a […]

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Before You Hit “Publish”

This just in: mainstream media is heavily focused on the negative. This is what we humans crave, a constant stream of warnings of impending doom. Financial doom, real estate doom, celebrity doom, personal doom, etc. Your brain will be better for ignoring it. All of it. Yes, stay current through reputable sources (books) and of […]

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Being Social

Should you have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? What about other social media outlets? TikTok for instance? The answer is a strong maybe, to yes. A somewhat professional presence. Arguably your personal presence should be semi-professional. Of course we all have real lives, with our hobbies, quirks, funny friends, unique family members, […]

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Rewarding Referral Sources

“You have to build the machine that will build the machine.” – pete koomen Rewarding a referral source is all about rewarding the behavior, not the result. We all “buy business” in one way or another; however, in this case I am saying that I did not pay any kind of significant kickback to a referral source—not […]

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