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What If Interest Rates Quadruple?

Welcome to part 3 in an escalating series of ‘what if’s’. Please Note; I’m personally skeptical we will see any significant interest rate hikes over the next five years. (significant being more than 1% – 2%). And given that borrowers were/are qualified at a stress test rate of 5.25% (currently) the system is built to […]

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The Deadly Unasked Question

As a mortgage professional, you have the ability to both save, or potentially cost your clients thousands of dollars. Asking questions will help ensure the best rate, and outcome for your clients. […]

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Rising Interest Rates

OK, so the news says ‘Mortgage Rates Are Rising’. (Watch my live video here.) What does this actually mean to your clients? Well, here are 4 key points to clarify… The actual cost – the dollar bills, the cash money, the green: Who does this affect? people with a mortgage? NO People shopping for one? […]

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What about this recent Bank of Canada interest rate increase?

I posted the following on my client facing blog earlier this morning, and really it is a few days late. I purposely kept this post short and sweet, as I tend to get better feedback on short and sweet. Feel free to take this post and adjust the language to suit your own style. You […]

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