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Motivation – Love The Game

You would be hard-pressed to find a top-performing athlete in any sport that decided as a kid he wanted a $6-million-a-year contract, so that’s why he learned to love baseball or hockey or basketball. Few, if any, were driven to excel by the money. They simply loved the game so much they worked harder than […]

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Brick by Brick

“In the end, there can be only one.”—RAMIREZ The word “priorities” rose from obscurity about 50 years ago, and by definition of the root word “priority” we are fooling ourselves to think that we can be focused on more than one important thing at a time. A true priority will consume 100% of our resources […]

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Don’t Set Goals, Set Deadlines – Part 2

Document Your Plan I had specific goals in 2008; I officially began Brokering in June of that year, leaving me seven months with which to work. And work I did. My goal at that point was to average one completed file every second week and to intake at least one new application per week. Intake […]

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Create Raving Fans – Part 2

Always Do What You Say You Will Do Do not make excuses, and do not go out of your way to paint a picture of yourself as the hero fixing a problem that a client simply will not understand the nature of. An example is a mortgage commitment document from a lender that had an […]

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Create Raving Fans – Part 1

It is Not About the Money Focusing on how much money you want to make is no guarantee for success. In fact, over the long term it may impede your success. You may be reading this and saying, “Hang on, I thought it was recommended to have a direct income-related goal?!” and you would be […]

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