Something Old & Something New

The New

Scott Peckford of I Love Mortgage Brokering is hosting an event called Broker Talks. It is part Ted Talk and part mastermind designed specifically for Mortgage Brokers.

I have negotiated a $150.00 discount off the ticket price for the next 30 registrants.

You can check out the event here:

Use this link to get the discount:

This event will sell out. If you are interested in attending sign up sooner than later.

The Old

For those of you who sent me a ‘yes please’ email following presentations at either the DLCU events or the recent Mortgage Professionals Canada annual conference, this is old news.

Interesting stats for you: depending on the event the response rate ranged from a low of 2% to high of 65% of people in the audience requesting the extra data by typing a two-word email. This is always interesting to me. As somebody hungry for more data on all things, I just don’t get the lack of action.

In any event, if you were one of the 2% to 65% – kudos to you. And a sincere Thank You for having an interest in elevating your game!

If you missed the presentation(s), watch for fresh ones in 2017…something new for the BrokerTalks event mentioned above, and also something fresh for the Mortgage Professionals Canada symposiums.

The Extras…

There were a few slides that did not make it into the presentation, and are perhaps better digested here. This content has proven powerful with a few Brokers/Realtors whom I’ve worked with on a one-on-one basis. I hope that you find similar positive results.

Easy stuff

Figure out how to download podcasts.

Listen to every episode of the podcast series… twice.

You may also enjoy the work of Tim Ferris and also that of James Altucher.

I Love Mortgage Brokering is one of two Facebook groups well worth joining, the other being Mortgage Broker Get Serious.

Stopping here would be more than enough to have a positive effect on your business. 

Next Level

Create an account on and connect with other Brokers (there are lots of us on the site now) and don’t worry if you are not an avid reader, or a reader at all – we are about to make ‘reading’ vastly simpler and arguably addictive.

You have probably heard that the average American CEO earns 350 times the average American.

My takeaway from that stat is to link it to another stat:

The average American CEO reads ~50 books per year and the average American reads one.



So if you want to be American-average, then read that single book per year. However, if you want to be above average then read on (and on and on…)

Create an account on and stop fretting about it being charge USD and the monthly cost – you will use those monthly credits for sure. This will in fact ‘cost’ you nothing. The increase in your earnings from even just the next bit of this email will exponentially wipe out any small fees. Audiobooks are very much like having a coach, a motivational speaker, a therapist, etc. all whispering in your ear each and every day.

When in the day will you manage to listen to a book?

Well hey, what about the 30 – 60 minutes in bed every night and/or every morning? Rather than scrolling through emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Netflix, stock tickers, Craigslist, Tinder and whatever else… stop it (or at least limit it).

Instead take a new approach to those two times of the day:

In the evening

Plug in headphones, remove the flickering screen from your view, close your eyes, and listen to 30 minutes or so of a book.

Increase efficiency with the 1.25x, 1.5x, or maybe even 2x speed options, you will work your way up to 1.5X easily in this kind of listening environment.

Hang on… are you alone in bed? If yes, continue.

Not alone? Um, is there not something else (someone else) you should be paying attention to, another voice you should be listening to? It will likely tell you more about your life than a random author will. Unplug until the AM.

In the morning

Plug in headphones, remove the flickering screen from your view, get up and out of bed and get moving. Have a large glass of water and use this previously wasted time to go for a 30 min walk, jog, or bike ride.

Maybe use the APP ‘Strava’ to track your progress and set a weekly distance target to hit (measure everything you do).

1.25X, 1.5X, and 2X speed will again come easily when mixed with a brisk walk.

Putting your body in motion shifts your brain into motion as well!

Deal with emails once you are finished your walk/workout/listen. Deal with them from your computer with a proper keyboard and proper focus. Your responses will be more powerful.

The three starter audiobooks – (absorb them in the following order ideally)

Buddhism for Busy People – David Miche (not trying to convert you, don’t worry).

Mindset – Carol Dweck (100% I am trying to convert you with this one, that is if you need it – I once did).

The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes – or an alternative (although this book is worth listening to multiple times) – Do The Work – Steven Pressfield.

Take the time to write a review of these books for your own benefit. While listening to the book you may want to use the ‘save clip’ button when certain passages provoke a thought that might lead to action, and key in a note to remind you.What you write down will become the seed of future actions. Otherwise all you will have is a fleeting thought and that thought, the idea, the hope for action will be just that, fleeting.

Really looking to level up

Bonus book – Relentless by Tim S Grover.

Previously I never mentioned that the Be The Better Broker books are also available in audio format, Volume 1 is already released, Volume 2 is due out any day now, and Volume 3 is currently being proofed. All have been narrated by an expert, so you are not stuck listening to my voice.

Last few housekeeping tidbits…

While I am always happy to try and answer any and all questions that come my way, the very best place to post these questions is either or both of the following places:

  1. If you are a DLC agent – the ‘expert help’ system.

Log in to the DLC intranet and click (top left) on ‘Expert Help’ and sign up to receive all of the other Broker inquiries from multiple provinces. Do not be shy about asking an ‘obvious’ question, as nothing is obvious at all in this business any longer. And when you ask a question, you are the brave one doing what two or three other Brokers should be doing at the same moment, and they will be happy to see the question and the answers.

Then create a folder titled ‘Expert Help’ and start saving some of the responses. That is what I do, and it is where I grab answers within seconds to several scenarios.

2.   The I Love Mortgage Brokering Facebook page. First, you can search for the answer in the search box (top right). Second, you can post the question and get significant and instant feedback from many of the near 2,000 members.

3.   The Mortgage Brokers Get Serious Facebook page. Similar content as # 2 and well worth being a part of.

Bonus–bonus material

Here is a link to a YouTube clip converter, just in case you choose to create a ring tone out of either of the following:

Clean and motivational, this clip will force you to answer every call on the first yell.

This clip should be R-rated as it is loaded with F-bombs, and not something I would set up as a ringtone myself – but oddly useful on a Monday morning at 6 AM as an alarm clock setting  (spouses are usually less than impressed).

Now, go forth and make magical mortgage miracles happen!