11am EST – 8am PST Start time

The agenda may evolve leading up to the workshop dates – But the structure will be 12 unique segments delivered over 2 days, with each segment then re-delivered weekly all year long! 😊

2 days of content, 50 weeks of follow up & follow through!

7. The Arc Of A File – Part 4

Confidence is crucial.

And a critical time for mastering the display of confidence is during the signing process. Do you understand all of the terms and conditions of the mortgage commitment you are presenting?

Do you know who is committed with the client’s signing of a mortgage commitment?

Is the client locked in to funding with the lender now?No.

Is the lender locked in to funding the client now? No.

OK, so who it committed to what? Why does it say commitment at the top?

We are two words into the 14-21 pages and already the second word has clients confused and Brokers and Agents also confused.

The example above is a massive part of why you may have been taught to ‘just email the signing docs‘ and then cross your fingers they come back signed?!?!

THIS is why agents lose files, lose clients, lose referral partners, and ultimately exit the industry.

Weakness and fear.

It’s OK to be weak, and it’s ok to be fearful, for a very limited time!

We are going to move past this.

Together we will build strength, grit, resilience, and confidence – it’s easier than you might think.

Signing the clients, and signing ALL the related docs in one sitting, is part of Mortgage Broker Mastery!

Perhaps one of these most critical parts, if not #1 on the list of ‘moments to make or break a relationship’.

8. The Arc Of A File – Part 5

The (sometimes) long road between subject removal (COF), or the offer date and the closing date.

How to hang onto the client through this long difficult and dangerous journey.

There may be 1,000 ways to lose your client, and several hundred lurk in this timeframe.

Protect yourself!

9. The Arc Of A File – Part 6

Follow up matters.

Follow through matters more!

Who are you to the clients with a funded file, a purchase complete?

Are you a ghost, a distant memory, or worse totally forgotten?

Part of positioning yourself as the expert, is the constant spaced repetition of follow up which is the bread & butter of your long term success, but the follow through – this is where the gold truly is.

What does follow through look like?

10. Database Mining

There is so much love in you to give.

There is so much knowledge in you to give.

There is so much business in your database to receive.

There are so many opportunities to position yourself as an expert. We both know why you are not pursuing them, it’s related to why you don’t make outbound calls, why you send a link to an application rather than wrapping it up verbally, it’s why you email signing packages without scheduling a call… OK wait – you are putting yourself out there for all of that? Awesome – why not take it a step, or ten steps further?

There has never been a better time in history for an introvert to put themselves out there!

11. Rejection

Most of us can dish it out… poorly.

Let’s learn to do better.

Few of us can handle it.

The movie, the character, and the line itself ‘it’s not personal, it’s just business‘ is pure fiction.

In business we interact with humans, and interaction between humans is 100% personal. It’s 100% emotional.

Why do we get hung up on some $3.00 issue, invest 12 hours to ‘right the wrong’ or to ‘be heard’ if not purely for emotional reasons? We are all crazy-town, or capable of being crazy town.

Let’s stop being reactive.

Let’s relearn that whole ‘count to ten‘ thing.

When we start yelling back at a client; are we closing that client? Are we getting referrals? Are we being mature? Are we positioning ourselves as an expert?

I know, I know, I know… ‘it’s the principle!!!’

Sigh… oh boy, those three words right there are probably the three worst words to leave the lips of anyone trying to build a reputation, or build a business that is built on personal reputation.

Let’s talk about how to let things go, how to be the bigger person, how to close that asshole (and why we actually want to – because 99% of the time they actually aren’t assholes), and also how to get said asshole to refer all their asshole friends to us moving forward.

***note, if the use of such language offends you… well then you’re missing the entire point of this section – and you REALLY need to sign up for this program. A few curse words may be vulgar, may be weak on my part, and may tarnish my own pursuit of positioning myself as an expert – but that’s my very point!  We all make mistakes, your client, you, me – all of us.

How do we handle our mistakes, and the mistakes of others, with style and grace?

How do we overcome them?

Part 12. Goals Are Good – ‘Standards’ Superior

It’s easy to think of goals, pretty simple to speak them to a mate or two, it’s not even that tough to write them down… although few will bother (their loss – big time). Actually achieving goals? This is another story altogether.

To achieve our goals we usually need to change. Change habits, change tactics, change tools, change scripts, change clothes, change friends, change environments, maybe even change our mindset!

To create new goal achieving behaviours requires time, how much spare time do you think you have now?


And yet you likely watch 2.5 hrs of Netflix last night, not a move because they’re too long. instead you wanted 5 42min episodes of a series about shit that does not matter remotely to you, your life, and especially not to your goals!

So let’s talk about something important.

Together let’s write about something important.

Let’s write about standards, the standards we set for ourselves.

IE – I am someone who… cancelled their Netflix subscription?