Day 2

Missed Day 1. Not to worry as we kick off with power-summary of the Day 1content. We’ll call it an ‘accountability moment’ for attendees of the Spring session(s). 😊

Day 1 content is very left-brain (systems, & process) driven, Day 2 digs deeper into the right-brain’s loves – people, scripts, use of specific language, and the ‘human’ skills.

Day 2 Content

1. Confidence

Confidence is crucial.

Your own self-confidence creates confidence from clients in you. Believing in your own abilities stems largely from knowing your numbers, the good news is that it does not have to stem from being a maths wizard. There are easier ways to position yourself as an expert, lets dig into them.

2. Lead Generation

You already know what to do, pick up the phone and dial. Knowing is the easy part, it’s the doing that is difficult. Let’s talk tactics! What does it take to build the habit of daily calls? It takes confidence, knowledge and experience.

It’s one of those annoying situations where it’s a job that you can only do with confidence if you already have experience – and nobody, especially you, wants to zero in and master ‘experience’ piece. Together we will answer the number one question asked about calling – what do you say on these calls? Also answered; the questions of who to call, and when.


3. Scripts, Scripts, and more Scripts – Please email me in advance any and all (or wait and spring it on me in the session) points in conversations with referral partners or clients where you find yourself struggling to find the language to convey your message.

It could be ‘why work with me’, ‘what makes me so special’, or the age old ‘fixed vs. variable’ debate (it’s always variable by they way), ‘purchase plus improvements for Realtors and/or clients’ etc.

The goal during this section is much that same as the other four sections, for you to walk away with clear language to use to express who you are, what you offer, and why everything about your and your offerings are so much better than anyone or anything else out there!

4. Lead Conversion

Clients are engaging you with opening questions (OK, really that same old question) now what? Educate & convert. We want to move these wonderful people from the column titled ‘leads’ over to the column titled ‘clients’. How do we get from idle chit-chat, or rate-talk to the point of application intake? How do we take these conversations into the defined process of filling in the blanks on a mortgage application? We will cover this in detail.

5. Application Intake Mastery

Create an application intake experience second to none. We will cover the steps in the process that make your application experience truly bulletproof.