The Multi-talent Mastermind

The second type of mastermind includes not only Brokers, but many different types of talents. The synergies and long-lasting relationships that can be created with these groups can be very powerful.

These are professions that click in a multidisciplinary mastermind session that a mortgage Broker might form or join:

  • Realtor
  • Lawyer (real estate, divorce, etc.)
  • Accountant
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Insurance agent (home, life, etc.)
  • Appraiser
  • Business Coach

The majority of the same rules listed before apply.

These sorts of meetings can be very interesting, as you are both providing and receiving an outsider’s view on each other’s businesses—but not too far outside, as you will all deal with many clients in common.

These meetings take energy and time, but the payoff can be exponential.

Have a tentative outline of topics for each session drawn up to share, and ask for additional input from each person you invite.

The key to a lasting mastermind is a willingness to be truly open and to share your amazing ideas with each other about how you will dominate the market. At first this is uncomfortable to do, as there is often a tendency to want to keep an amazing idea all to yourself.

What is worse than never sharing an idea is sharing it with the group and then as the months tick by realizing you have had this amazing idea yet have never taken action on it. Most of us are far more talk than action. The accountability factor of these groups alone can be very powerful.

Find some like-minded individuals and start meeting up. The more you give (i.e., share) the more you will get from the meetings. Be a leader among your peers with the sharing of best practices, tips, marketing ideas and so on.

Deliver value to receive value.

Together we are strong.

Independently, we have far less chance of survival, let alone any chance of thriving as we should be.