The changes are coming at us Fast & Furious style.


Which is to say weakly written, gaping holes in the plot line, without a plausible or viable conclusion, and loaded with actors having limited experience with the subject matter.


The Canadian Mortgage Market is resembling a big budget B movie franchise that just will not go away.


There are those among us, bobbing and weaving, staying on our feet and staying in the game that feel like this multi-headed beast is simply never going to ease up until it actually triggers the economic devastation they would have us believe it seeks to avoid.


The latest angle of attack is on the small business owners, particularly those that are incorporated. For those of you who have read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand life is taking on an eerily similar vibe as this classic tale of government regulation run amok.


(An aside here – the beauty of this is that the one thing the government does not care about is raising the bar for licensing in our field, as such will several Brokers family members all become licensed for the justification of income splitting? Without a doubt.)


We have a cast of characters that includes provincial regulators with new interpretations of old legislation, federal regulators deciding they are the ‘police of words’ because that is an important expenditure of our resources, federal staffers consumed with useless metrics, and a collection of influential staffers, amateur MP’s and others who have all read a book written by American academics and are now using it as their go-to guide for setting policy.


Both books referenced are significant in size and depth and take a real effort to read and comprehend.


If you want to better comprehend what is happening around us you will find the investment worthwhile.


Have a profitable week!