Last April I invested ten hours into an interactive workshop hosted by master storyteller Vinh Giang. And an often repeated message each day was to #breakthemold, to step outside our comfort zone, and this weeks post reflects an effort to do just that… #workinprogress.

The focus of the workshop was ‘tuning our instrument’, said instrument being our voice. The idea being to better create a vocal image of who we are through how we speak.

And as we know, it’s less about the ‘what‘ and more so the ‘how‘ that shapes our (lasting) impressions of both events and people. Just think back to mushy peas delivered to your mouth via an airplane or train, rather than a boring spoon… betcha just smiled at the memory. Smiling about the how (and likely the who) even though you hated the what.

The Four Agreements; delivery in four different ‘voices’.

The Four Agreements, as read in the video, are the basis of an excellent book by the same name; click here to buy a copy, and read it today.

Consider the audible version as it’s easily completed in under 2 hours, time invested, rather than spent watching a movie, or checking out TikTok for ‘just a sec’. Get out for a walk and have a listen, you’ll be glad you did.

The book itself has nothing to do with finance, yet everything to do with how one handles their chosen profession and of course how one handles themselves. This makes The Four Agreements one of the most important non-business-business-books ever.

My wish for you, and myself, is that we will recognize that we are at this point so far outside of our comfort zones that we will ask ourselves; why go back? Rather, it is my sincere hope, we all move forward into entirely new ways of living, ones shaped to some extent by these four agreements.

Happy Sunday