Be The Better Broker

By: Dustan Woodhouse

‘Whether you are contemplating a career as a mortgage broker, or have already embarked on one, there are actionable items within these pages…’

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Volume 2

Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, essentially the day after you made the decision to become a licensed Broker. This book delves into essential steps in laying a foundation for long term success in the early days of your Brokering career. Preserve capital, market strategically, build lasting relationships with clients and referral partners alike. Volume 2 is packed with dozens of process tips and lessons gleaned from the authors personal experience processing more than 1380 mortgage files, and the direct personal intake of more than 2000 applications.

Whether you are brand new to the mortgage Broker business, or have been immersed in it for years, you will find value in these pages. The kind of value that leads to a greater number of files closed with a reduced amount of time invested.

The mantra of Volume 2 – ‘Get The Application’

Expected Release date: Sept 15, 2016



Volume 3

Volume 3 presents a play by play account of the processing of a client. Start with that very first ‘what’s your best rate’ phone call and winding all the way through to the clients ‘File Complete’ signed and sealed at the lawyers office. Packed with thousands of words of exact scripts used on hundreds of calls to address objections before they arise, to deal effectively with the signing of compliance and insurance documents, and to build a base of referring clients, if not all-out raving fans.

You will increase your funding ratio.

You will increase your overall volume.

Apply the principles and the scripts (or your own versions of) outlined in this book and the previous two and you will be on your way to building a 250 file per year business.

The mantra of Volume 3 – ‘File Complete’

Expected release date October 15, 2016


Great book for the new

Great book for the new, and not so new agents out there. I've been brokering about 8 years, and learned some great tips and picked up some good ideas. Looking forward to Dustan's next book. Well worth the investment.

Excellent teaching tool

We just has a new prospect return to us and halt the process of applying to start out as a Broker. We had handed them a copy of ‘Be The Better Broker’ during the initial interview and on reading it the individual realised they were not yet prepared to make the move into a commission only role. The book saved us a potentially short term hire, and it saved that person potentially months or years of financial stress.

This book could not have come at a better time for me

I have been licensed as a broker for 6 months now, and this book could not have come at a better time for me. Be The Better Broker is jam packed with information about how to grow my business, and how to do so efficiently. This book includes marketing ideas, books to read, and tech gadgets that will lead me to a successful career in mortgage brokering. I highly recommend this book, and I am looking forward to reading volume number two.

Informative and inspiring!

I just finished reading Volume 1 of your series. Great read!! I’ve been a Mortgage Agent for 28 months and have had some ups and downs. I’ve been with DLC since November of 2014. Making the jump to DLC, although it wasn’t completely my idea, turned out to be the best thing for me. I’ve had several opportunities slip though my hands and have been frustrated by it and even questioning my participation in this industry, although I have been in the financial industry as a Financial Planner and Investment Planner since 2000 with two banks. The concepts you have shared are very intuitive and personally I’m grateful for your willingness to share. I’m looking forward to Volume 2 as I think that book will be exactly what I need at this point in my career.

A must read for all brokers

This book is a must read for seasoned brokers as well as new. This is an invaluable resource and I look forward to the coming volumes that include file and lender approval tips. I will suggest this book to anyone considering a mortgage broker career. I wish this had been around when I started in 2008/2009. Thank you for writing this Dustan!

A great read with proven tactics to help any mortgage broker be successful!

A great read if you are thinking about joining, just starting or just want to become a better broker. It is rare to get a candid look a Top 10 mortgage broker’s business. Dustan provides a meticulous level of detail into his entry and ultimate success in the mortgage brokering business. This book actually transcends industries and could be used as a guide for other areas such as finance, investment, and insurance. Dustan has been able to deconstruct the process of mortgage brokering and offer proven tactics to truly “Be the Better Broker”. I will definitely be sharing this book with my team and anxiously waiting for Volume 2. Thanks for taking the time to give back and help our industry get better!