The #1 path to consistent referrals from the same source(s) is to answer the phone the first time it rings, be in front of your computer to intake the application on that first call, and respond to every subsequent call or email instantly.

Losing two hours to a morning coffee meeting?

Losing two hours to a lunch meeting?

Losing two hours driving to a clients home?

Losing two hours attending a ‘free-networking’ event in the evening?


*A key exception is a well organised industry event with an entry fee where you will learn things you need to know. (Keeping up with the how-tos of the business is vital.)

While arguably some of the above time wasters may feel, or even be, required in the early days of your career as a Broker, and perhaps even manageable with just two or three active files on the go – if you want to get past having just two or three files on the go then you need to be the King or Queen of the instant response.

And if you are stuck in your car for an hour (each way), or at a client’s home (never go to a clients home) doing a discovery meeting for an hour, or two, or three (a meeting that could have been handled in 5 to 45 minutes by phone) then you are not able to be as effective as the top industry Performers.

Be honest with your measurement of time, A coffee meeting is not 30 minutes, or even 60 minutes. Next time you have a coffee meeting scheduled actually start a timer the moment you stop working at your desk and prepare to leave, then travel, attend the meeting, and return to your desk, settle in and stop the timer as you start working again.

How much time was lost?

How much business was lost?

How many referrals, and referral sources, will be lost over the course of a year as that lost time compounds?

Your new mantra: Be Ruthless With Your Time!