Set New Standards – A Reading List

As you start to prep your business plan for 2019 – dig into the books listed below to help with your mindset as part of the process.

Setting goals is one thing, a great thing to do.

This year, make sure to also set expectations.

Set expectations for yourself and for your team.

Communicate your expectations clearly, regularly, to yourself, and your team.

Your expectations will set new standards.

Book 1 Mindset – Carol Dweck

Book 2Night School: Wake Up To The Power Of Sleep – Richard Wiseman

Book 3Grit – Angela Duckworth

Book 4Headstrong – Dave Asprey

Book 5The Ultimate Sale Machine – Chet Holmes

Bonus BookRelentless – Tim S. Grover

NOTE – This book is specifically for the hardcore among us, if you consider yourself ‘normal’ and think of people who partake in 24hr races, solo summits of mountains, and other borderline activities as ‘out there’ or ‘just nuts’ then skip this one. You won’t like it. I’ve already had some negative feedback from a few people. What can I say, this book is all about intensity. And the intense among us RAVE about this book and tend to listen to it multiple times. In fact I am going to go and listen to it for a third time once I finish this post.


Have an excellent day!




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