Self Talk and Self Defeat

The average person processes 50,000 words of self-talk per day. This is a lot of chatter flowing through your mind, and through your clients’ minds, and on average three-quarters of these thoughts are negative. To put this in context, the average business book is approximately 50,000 words. So, ask yourself, why are we each writing a book about ourselves, on a daily basis, that tells us we suck?

 Your world can only be as awesome as you believe it can be.

There are unhappy millionaires, unhappy rock stars, unhappy social media darlings—we all have challenges in our lives, but what dictates our own levels of happiness is how we respond to them and the stories we tell ourselves about these challenges.

You need to believe in yourself first, and only then will your clients also believe in you. And your belief in your clients can propel them into a much happier place as well. You cannot over communicate to your clients how solid their file is, especially when it is rock solid.

I often say to my clients “There is no mystery about whether or not you are getting this mortgage; you are 99.99 percent getting this mortgage.”

“The 0.01 percent? What’s that about? That’s about you scanning and sending me a void cheque (or some other final document outstanding). As long as you can send me that final piece, we are good.”

The importance of making things like this as clear as possible cannot be overstated. This is especially true when the only things left are small and simple items. Stay on top of the client to get these things wrapped up fast. And stay positive.

The good news is that this can be a perpetual-motion machine as well. The more you believe, the more they believe—and the more they believe in you, the more you believe in yourself. It’s an amazing little feedback loop.