Journaling: A Mind’s Best Friend

There’ve been numerous studies (sorry, no links to any) that confirm a connection with both learning new information and processing experiences through putting pen to paper and writing things down.

I write… a lot, much of it on a keyboard. However every single morning starts, and nearly every single evening ends, with my putting a pen to paper to document at least one thought, quote, idea, or on occasion a few hundred words of ideas that need to be cleared from my prefrontal cortex to ensure either a good night’s sleep, or allow for a clear and focused day.

You have to do what works for you, but unless you’ve committed to trying this exercise out for at least 100 days in a row  you don’t really know just how powerful it can be for you, your business and life in general.

Pick up a fancy little journal and start filling the pages with your random observations on life, business, ideas, questions, write a to-do list, write a to-don’t list, just get writing. Your mind will thank you for it.