How to Ruin Your Evening!

Want to ruin your evening?

How about wipe out an entire night’s sleep?


It is this simple; have a look at your texts or emails just before settling into bed.


Here are two magic words that can transform your evenings, and ensure significantly better sleep: airplane mode


Pick a time, mine is 9pm, and flip that phone to airplane mode.


I would say ‘just don’t look at your phone’, but we both know that you (and I) have an illogical physiological need to pick that phone up and tap the text or email buttons to check for new messages. We cannot help ourselves.


Yes we can, with airplane mode.


Whatever kooky rant  is being typed and sent your way this evening, it will not intrude on your quiet time and it will not leave you tossing and turning all night long. Equally important it will not have you pounding out a reply in the heat of the moment (that you will likely regret) and extending the conversation even deeper into the evening. Obliterating any chance at restful recovery for the day that lay ahead.


Yes there are many studies that talk about the light emitted from the screen disrupting our sleep patterns, and how we should limit use of such devices in the final hours before bed time and that all makes sense too. But are you really going to put the device down? Odds are you will pick it up to check the time, set your morning alarm, etc. And if there are notifications of new messages will you truly practice restraint? Not likely. You will read the messages, and send your brain back into high gear just as it is meant to be unwinding.


With airplane mode you put another layer of defense between your own rest, recovery, recharging and work, other peoples issues, and the challenges to be dealt with tomorrow.


It is said that ignorance is bliss. A good nights sleep is bliss, And ignorance of your inbox leads to a blissful sleep.


Not only will you awaken with a clearer mind, you will better be able to address new challenges at the start of a new day, for this is when they are meant to be addressed.





Thank you.

Dustan Woodhouse