We want these three words to mean what they always do. I know I do.

They typically harken of things like optimism, a big party, and a great year gone with a greater year ahead.

This year, as we straddle the moment in between 2020 & 2021, many of us are left feeling just that: in between.

We may have had amazing professional lives this year, or not.

We may have had amazing personal lives this year, or not.

Some may even be the unicorn that achieved both of these things in 2020.

Yet even if you are lucky enough to fall into any of the three categories above, there have been trade off’s that have been a challenge.

And the odds are, there are family members, friends, colleagues and/or acquaintances that have had their roughest year ever.

So the successes are celebrated quietly in many cases.

Which is easy enough to do, as many celebrate in their very small bubbles. For up to 4 million Canadian households, those bubbles may be so small, including little more than a pet, a plant, or a volleyball with a handprint face on it.

So yes, many of us are currently in a state of in between.

But we are moving forward, and despite the challenges that still lay ahead for many, we will do what we humans do best – we will adapt.

2020 was all about adapting, and 2021 will be more adaptation.

The good news is, we have some practice at it.

So let us go forth, and be kind.

Because that’s how we win in the end – by being kind.

And so I leave off with a Wayne Dyer quote that was brought to my attention by a ten year old author I recently had a conversation with (view it here if you like).

“Given the choice to be right or to be kind, choose kind.”

And yes, once again it is an annual email greeting, not a card in the mail, because once again I’ve made a donation in lieu of a Happy New Year card to www.beatstreetfeet.com.