Completion Day Considerations

Thought for the day.

The single best day to target for completion?

Whether a refinance, ETO, or purchase, it matters not – the single best day of the week is almost always a Wednesday.

Need a day’s extension? Tripped up over east coast/west coast times for funding? Lender inserted one last condition to the lawyers?

Way easier to address on a Wednesday.

Thursday is a close runner up, but every now and then a long weekend sneaks into the picture and your Thursday is a Friday!

You may still get that one business day extension on a Friday, although it is a bigger ask, but now your clients are losing three (or four) nights’ sleep worrying and waiting for completion. Which in the case of a purchase can create problems and delays with the possession date, and thus also the movers that are booked, along with the question of where your clients are going to sleep for some of those nights.

Luckily this story is based on a happy experience. Hopefully your stories are too.

Forever think of hump-day as completion day!

Thank you

Dustan Woodhouse