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Social Media for Mortgage Brokers

Be the Better Broker Volume 1

An excerpt from Volume 1 of Be the Better Broker. Should you have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? What about other social media outlets? The answer is yes, a professional presence. Even your personal presence should be professional. Of course we all have real lives, with hobbies, quirks, funny friends, unique family members. […]

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Help! It’s a Mortgage Emergency!

An excerpt from Volume 1 of Be The Better Broker. It has been said there’s no such thing as a mortgage emergency. We Brokers may know that no underwriter is going to be reviewing documents late at night or over the weekend. However we also know from experience that responding to those late phone calls […]

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Carpe Momentum!

An excerpt from Volume 1 of Be The Better Broker. Early on in my Mortgage Brokering career I attended almost every real estate-related or finance-related event I could find in our city. I showed up ready to walk the walk, clean shaven, sporting one of my $99.00 suits, with a pocketful of classy business cards. […]

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6 Quick Email Tips that Will Save You Hours

An excerpt from Volume 1 of Be The Better Broker. 1. Have just one email address Managing multiple email accounts adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to your life and presents a potential obstacle of confusion for those trying to reach you. More than one address is an opportunity for communication breakdown. I limit myself […]

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