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September 30! Are You Ready?

If you’re a Realtor, Broker, property buyer or seller this matters. There’s a lot happening these days, good things, bad things, and things that fall under ‘other’. This bit of news falls under the good heading, in that we’re recognizing a tragic piece of our past as a nation. But there may be a problem […]

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Change Is The Only Constant

Leave the office for a day and wow, just wow! I love the smell of fresh mortgage policy in the morning! Re the recent qualifying-rate change, we all have the ‘what’ is happening part sorted out. As for details on the who, where, and why, I can only offer some personal opinion at this point, […]

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Chapter 73: Three Little Words

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.” — William James   When taking an application we assume nothing. There are a variety of words every Broker would do well to eliminate from their vocabulary including the following: Assume Liar Promise These are potentially relationship-ending words, and if […]

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Required viewing for BC Brokers

Homework for the weekend. Bob Rennie, a real estate marketing machine, starts talking at the ten minute mark and drops useful stat after useful stat. Click here for his annual address to the Urban Development Institute  If you want talking points as to why this market, and all of BC, will continue to boom tune […]

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The Amortization Effect

The Amortization Effect Each year from 2008 through 2010 the Federal Government reduced the maximum amortization as follows. Purchases with less than 20% down –from 40–35 years, then 35- 30 and finally 30–25 years where it remains today. Purchases with 20% or more down were cut from 40–35 years, and then from 35 – 30 […]

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