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Don’t Cold Call

Don’t cold call potential mortgage clients. Here are the people you should cold call, and here is what you should tell them. […]

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves are often out of alignment with reality. Whether it is a tale of roses & rainbows or doom & gloom, rarely do our best, or thankfully our worst fears come to fruition, and even when it seems as though they are the peaks and valleys are typically very brief. With […]

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Want Referrals?

The #1 path to consistent referrals from the same source(s) is to answer the phone the first time it rings, be in front of your computer to intake the application on that first call, and respond to every subsequent call or email instantly. Losing two hours to a morning coffee meeting? Losing two hours to […]

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Conversation (self) Control

This piece was originally published @ For Brokers By Brokers.   Early in my working life I found myself in a mail-order sales role, working telephones as if my life depended upon it. Which in a way it did. Money is oxygen for a small business, and the ringing phones were the sound of money. One […]

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