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Stress Free Switch/Renewal

The mortgage switch/renewal market is much larger, and lower stress, than the purchase market. There’re no high pressure conditions, firm offer craziness, or down payment docs to deal with. No tight timelines, and often little (initial) competition from the existing lenders retention department. Sounds great; renewals, nice work if you can get it. Although… lenders claim […]

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Rising Interest Rates

OK, so the news says ‘Mortgage Rates Are Rising’. (Watch my live video here.) What does this actually mean to your clients? Well, here are 4 key points to clarify… The actual cost – the dollar bills, the cash money, the green: Who does this affect? people with a mortgage? NO People shopping for one? […]

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves are often out of alignment with reality. Whether it is a tale of roses & rainbows or doom & gloom, rarely do our best, or thankfully our worst fears come to fruition, and even when it seems as though they are the peaks and valleys are typically very brief. With […]

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Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations, the heart of this business. A dozen or more Bank executives meeting at their local branch to spend a few hours, perhaps even a few days, reviewing the applicants file.   um ya… A single individual with the computing power of a Commodore 64 surrounded stacks of paper files is expected to review […]

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