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What If Interest Rates Quintuple?

We shall go no further than this final post on this theme. The point is made. Over the past three posts we’ve looked at (increasingly) extreme rising interest rate scenarios through the lens of household mortgage payment. Specifically, what happens to the average homeowner’s mortgage payment as rates double, tripe, quadruple… and today you guessed […]

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What If Interest Rates Double?

Every year, since always it seems, there are headlines warning us about interest rates.  Interest rates about to rise.  ‘Prepare For Interest Rate Shock’, being one of my local favourites, as the Bank Of Canada proceed to cut rates 0.25% the very next day. The main problem with (all?) the headlines and the stories is […]

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How Will the New Qualifying Rate Impact Buyers?

Short Version Will the qualifying rate change the government is proposing fix runaway housing prices? No. Will it slow down the multiple offers and condition free craziness? No. Will it create a smokescreen of ‘doing something’? Perhaps. Long Version The proposed changes target only those purchasing with 20% down or more. Yes, that’s right – […]

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