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Big Ideas – A Cautionary Tale

I can recall one Mortgage Broker saying to me upon exiting the business after less than four years, “I can only conclude that people do not like me.” This was a person paying not just an economic toll, but clearly an emotional one as well. On paper this Broker had every reason to have been […]

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Last April I invested ten hours into an interactive workshop hosted by master storyteller Vinh Giang. And an often repeated message each day was to #breakthemold, to step outside our comfort zone, and this weeks post reflects an effort to do just that… #workinprogress. The focus of the workshop was ‘tuning our instrument’, said instrument […]

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This Is Brokering!

“What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more.”Author Unknown Let me preface the next 1,308 words by clearly stating that indeed there are many degrees of uncertainty within any profession. In no way I am suggesting Residential Mortgage Brokers are a special case with an extra rough go-of-it. All professions […]

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Don’t Set Goals, Set Deadlines – Part 2

Document Your Plan I had specific goals in 2008; I officially began Brokering in June of that year, leaving me seven months with which to work. And work I did. My goal at that point was to average one completed file every second week and to intake at least one new application per week. Intake […]

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Industry Relationships

Every interaction you have with an underwriter, a Business Development Manager, a team lead, a lender VP and so on during the processing of a file, or even just in a casual conversation at a trade show, is you either building or burning bridges. Your primary goal is to recognize that everyone involved in the […]

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How Healthy is Your Ego?

Brokering is an industry in which having a strong ego makes a difference, because I can assure you that your ego is going to take a beating. If it is already fragile then this is the sort of industry that will knock it out for the count. For instance, if you are entering this business […]

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