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This Is Brokering!

“What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more.”Author Unknown Let me preface the next 1,308 words by clearly stating that indeed there are many degrees of uncertainty within any profession. In no way I am suggesting Residential Mortgage Brokers are a special case with an extra rough go-of-it. All professions […]

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Communication 101 – Part III

Bad News Always communicate news that’s bad, slightly bad or even neutral by phone, if not in person. Never via email, let alone text. Clients are often quick to quit when problems arise. Talking problems through often leads to resolution. Rely on emails only when you’re relaying good news, but then again, when it is […]

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Communication 101

Much of this blog series will focus on the ultimate productivity tool: the telephone. Few devices allow one to efficiently build a relationship. For those who are skeptical of this method and demand that it is “all about the face-to-face meetings,” I say, “Give me a call.” You already use the phone daily, but do […]

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Warning: Pre-Payment Penalties Ahead

Six out of ten Canadian homeowners will break their fixed-rate mortgage at an average of 38 months. They break their existing mortgage agreement early and in almost every case incur pre-payment penalties. Most homeowners had no idea of the nature and size of penalty coming their way because bankers and Brokers historically were not trained […]

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Don’t Cold Call

Don’t cold call potential mortgage clients. Here are the people you should cold call, and here is what you should tell them. […]

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Ch. 69 – Taking The Mortgage Application – When?

Be the Better Broker Voume 3

An excerpt from Volume 3 of Be the Better Broker. “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.” – John Wooden You must set limitations on your availability, limitations that the balance of people in your life agree with. Perhaps you are adopting the 80-hour workweek prescription to solve a problem in your […]

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