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Ch. 68 Taking The Mortgage Application – How?

Be the Better Broker Voume 3

An excerpt from Volume 3 of Be the Better Broker. “Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”– Victoria Holt By keying the client’s file directly into the online application system as you are speaking with them during that opening call, you create the ability to calculate payments and maximum mortgage […]

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Will Work For Free

Recently a previous client of mine felt pressured by a family relationship to work with another Broker, something I have no problem with. In our office we are lucky enough that each day we have a full plate as it is, and frankly I am A-OK with the odd client jumping ship now and again. […]

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Happy New Year!

Bang! The starting gun has fired! 2016 ends with a roar of change. Right down to the final few days of the year we had rate changes, policy changes, and on the final business day of the year, a compensation model change resulting from Oct 3, 2016 announcements.  No rest! Into 2017 we are thrust, many […]

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An IRD-ish Story: Nuances Not Rates

Inspiration for mortgage brokers

Earlier this year, a client called to tell me that BigBlueBank (BBB) could not process his re-finance transaction due to BFS income challenges. We mapped out a strategy that he could take back to BBB. If they accepted it, then the client’s problem would be solved. If they did not, then they would have had […]

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Change Is The Only Constant

Leave the office for a day and wow, just wow! I love the smell of fresh mortgage policy in the morning! Re the recent qualifying-rate change, we all have the ‘what’ is happening part sorted out. As for details on the who, where, and why, I can only offer some personal opinion at this point, […]

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You want fries with that?

Be the expert, not just another order taker Clients often (nearly always) request a 5-year fixed mortgage. The easy, and the lazy, path is to simply give them what they ask for. However our role as Brokers is to be the expert advisor, not simply an order taker. Advise Our role is to present options, […]

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“I Am Not A Numbers Person” – Said No Successful Broker Ever

I am cutting these posts back to bi-weekly, in an effort to focus on completion of my second book, also weekly is too much of me.   Numerical Literacy One of many interesting anecdotes I came aware from Dan Gardners 2008 book Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear was that 45% of Canadians are unaware of how many […]

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Chapter 54: Commit. Perform. Measure

An excerpt from Volume 2 of Be the Better Broker.  Commit. Perform. Measure. We are what we repeatedly do. — ARISTOTLE As a mortgage Broker, your whole world is numbers. In Volume One we spoke of ‘the four-point system’ for winning and retaining clients, as set out in the book How to Become a Rainmaker […]

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Business and Buddies

An excerpt from Volume 1 of Be The Better Broker. ‘My best friend is a Realtor — it’s a built-in shortcut!’ Uh, wrong. In the early days of your career, any long-standing friendships you may have with top-producing Realtors are unlikely to translate into new clients for you. This can cause a rift in the […]

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