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Learning The Lenders

An excerpt from Chapter 77 of Be the Better Broker, Volume 3. Lenders vary. You don’t need to know every single lender’s products and guidelines to be successful. You need somewhere between three and seven lenders or lender connections. Ninety percent of your business will likely be placed with three or four lenders consistently. Although […]

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Eat Failure For Breakfast

In business there are no stupid questions. Don’t give up, keep looking for ways to turn your obstacles into opportunities. […]

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Industry Relationships

Cover of Be the Better Broker by Dustan Woodhouse, Mortgage Broker

Are you building or burning bridges? Every interaction, every conversation with a mortgage industry colleague can be one or the other. […]

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Ch 72 – Ask Hard Questions, Share Hard Truths

Be the Better Broker Voume 3

An excerpt from Volume 3 of Be the Better Broker. “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” – Benjamin Disraeli Further to the chapter 71, dig, dig and dig some more. Banking relationships As you dig into clients’ histories and where they bank, you want to be sure to […]

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