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Communication 101 – Part II

Be Literate The written word is a Brokers primary form of communication. It’s excusable not to know how to use a semi-colon (I still don’t), but misspelling words chips away at your credibility. Although it doesn’t catch all errors, spell-checking your emails and other correspondence is a no-brainer. Brokering is a game of precision, precise […]

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves are often out of alignment with reality. Whether it is a tale of roses & rainbows or doom & gloom, rarely do our best, or thankfully our worst fears come to fruition, and even when it seems as though they are the peaks and valleys are typically very brief. With […]

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6 Quick Email Tips that Will Save You Hours

An excerpt from Volume 1 of Be The Better Broker. 1. Have just one email address Managing multiple email accounts adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to your life and presents a potential obstacle of confusion for those trying to reach you. More than one address is an opportunity for communication breakdown. I limit myself […]

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