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Invest In Yourself!

It’s Boxing day, and some of us are out shopping. But what are we spending our money on? Will it be something truly useful? Will it be an investment in yourself? A modified excerpt from Volume 1 of Be The Better Broker. Too many new Mortgage Brokers view a commission cheque as their paycheque. It […]

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

A modified excerpt from Volume 1 of ‘Be The Better Broker‘. Once you’re a licensed Mortgage Broker there’s only one way to become a truly successful Mortgage Broker and that’s to devote yourself to it. Completely. A key step in this process is to quit your day job and jump in. There is no such […]

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I Love Mortgage Brokering

Audiobooks (which should always be played at 2X speed) led me to podcasts a couple of years ago. One in particular which I have enjoyed since its inception was created by Kelowna BC based Mortgage Broker Scott Peckford. The Aptly named ‘I Love Mortgage Brokering‘ podcast. Informative episodes with great tips and tricks from various industry top […]

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Be The Better Broker – It Starts Here.

Thank you for signing up for Be The Better Broker posts. This (first) post covers a few topics: The Book. Coaching, Masterminds, and Experthelp. The old Broker to Broker site ourexpert.ca The DLC National Sales conference – The Mastermind Meetings What about that Slide-deck? 1. The Book Thank you to those of you who have […]

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