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Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations, the heart of this business. A dozen or more Bank executives meeting at their local branch to spend a few hours, perhaps even a few days, reviewing the applicants file.   um ya… A single individual with the computing power of a Commodore 64 surrounded stacks of paper files is expected to review […]

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It Sucks To Suck!

In a situation where a lawyer slides a mortgage insurance document across the table to a client and legally cannot say a single word about it – the sign-up rate is ~13%. 13%! No speaking. Silence. 13%. The irony is that thousands of mortgage agents across the country have a sign-up rate of 0%. Zero! In other […]

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FICOM & The Form 10 Disclosure Decision

What follows is an exact copy of the letter that I wrote and submitted to FICOM on February 20th for their review and consideration. No doubt hundreds of other Brokers wrote similar letters. On March 30, 2016 FICOM announced that they are moving forward with enhanced disclosure, despite the feedback from Brokers such as the […]

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