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Conversation (Self) Control

My first business (high performance Audi/VW parts) developed a significant mail-order component, I worked that phone as if my life depended upon it – which in a way it did – we had great advertising that made the phone ring non-stop. People wanted what we had and of 100 incoming calls per day, ~30 would […]

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Attention to Detail

It’s the little things that matter in life; the details. This is true in love, in business, and in all aspects of human interaction. The small gift that says we were thinking of one another, that we were listening, that we were observing who this person really is… this is what makes a meaningful connection. […]

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Communication 101

Much of this blog series will focus on the ultimate productivity tool: the telephone. Few devices allow one to efficiently build a relationship. For those who are skeptical of this method and demand that it is “all about the face-to-face meetings,” I say, “Give me a call.” You already use the phone daily, but do […]

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Scare The Tourists!

Preparedness, consistencey, and concise, up front communication are all key in this deadline-driven business. […]

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