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Last April I invested ten hours into an interactive workshop hosted by master storyteller Vinh Giang. And an often repeated message each day was to #breakthemold, to step outside our comfort zone, and this weeks post reflects an effort to do just that… #workinprogress. The focus of the workshop was ‘tuning our instrument’, said instrument […]

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Motivation – Love The Game

You would be hard-pressed to find a top-performing athlete in any sport that decided as a kid he wanted a $6-million-a-year contract, so that’s why he learned to love baseball or hockey or basketball. Few, if any, were driven to excel by the money. They simply loved the game so much they worked harder than […]

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Inspiring Books for Mortgage Brokers

Inspiration for mortgage brokers

My favourite books on the subjects of excellence, customer service, sales, branding and how people think. Plus one that literally put me to sleep. […]

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Set New Standards – A Reading List

As you start to prep your business plan for 2019 – dig into the books listed below to help with your mindset as part of the process. Setting goals is one thing, a great thing to do. This year, make sure to also set expectations. Set expectations for yourself and for your team. Communicate your expectations […]

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