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Three Simple Rules – Part II

You need to understand what hard work is before you can lay claim to having done any. Working hard should not be confused with work that is hard. Changing out tires on heavy-duty equipment is physically demanding; performing neurosurgery is mentally taxing; being an ice-road trucker with two sets of log books and a fierce […]

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Don’t Cold Call

Don’t cold call potential mortgage clients. Here are the people you should cold call, and here is what you should tell them. […]

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Struggle: It Is The Point!

Struggle. Anything worth doing begins with struggle. Struggle to push back against the weight of the world, struggle that’s seemingly insurmountable. Until you realize that just like doing a push-up, you can press against the world and win. Ask yourself, is it your body moving when you do a push up? Or is your body […]

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