‘The Brokers Journey’ – Jan 14&15, 2022

  • Friday Jan 14th & Saturday Jan 15th, 2022!
  • 8am – 2pm


This will be a Zoom Webinar format - you may attend anonymously.

‘The Brokers Journey’

A Program That Will Span 2022, Kicking Off With A Live (online) Event Jan 14&15


***Agenda links at the bottom of this page***

The agenda will evolve as the dates approach – But the structure will be 12 unique segments delivered five times through 2022. First in one intense experience, live, on Jan 14 & Jan 15. Then four more times, quarter-by-quarter, with each segment edited, captioned and re-delivered weekly. 😊

2 days of content, 12 segments, 50 weeks of follow up & follow through!

The weekly refreshers will be captioned, contain updated links where relevant, and included will be a Word transcript for you to copy & paste desired scripts for your own use.

There will be additional unique invite only events through 2022, start with a February Mastermind session to meet other attendees, if you like, and compare notes, takeaways, and experiences.

Together we will work through 2022 on a quarter by quarter basis.

We will fine tune our focus, to the backbeat of constant spaced repetition, and achieve goals set together, and more importantly we will maintain the standards we set for ourselves!

The concept behind ‘The Brokers Journey -2022’ is…

The Arc Of… Your Best Year

Together we will build a timeline for your 2022, setting both goals & setting standards


The Arc Of… Your Business/Life

How many more properly planned, and properly executed, working-years must you have beyond 2022?

Together we will get clarity on what it takes to answer this question.


The Arc Of… A Client

Acquisition is one thing, lifetime retention is another!

There is follow up, and then there is follow through!


Bad News!

How to deliver it, and how to receive it. (aka Rejection School)


The Arc Of… A Mortgage File

Into the weeds we go!

Scripts, process, systems, checklistswhat have you got and what are you actually using?


Arcs Within Arcs

Weaving all of the arcs above, and more, into a cohesive life plan.

We humans are not just pattern recognition machines, we are pattern repeating machines.

Recognize the healthy ones and reinforce them.

Observe, Report & Delete the bad ones (hello coach/therapist).


Previous BTBB events earned a 9.61 Net Promoter Score.

I’ll be pursuing a 10!

Past workshops averaged 353 slides of content (per day!) – this will be (slightly) different.

Be ready to put your writing hand on ice at the end of the second day, if not the first.

This is so much more than a 2-day program, there will be pieces resonating with you for life!

Zoom soon!

Agenda (Day 1) Agenda (Day 2)
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