Four unique presentations per event.
16 unique topics covered through the year.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Wednesday Sept 26th & Thursday Sept 27th
  • 9am – 3.30pm

Genworth Canada Theatre

2060 Winston Park Drive, Suite 300
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 5R7

A refresher (Day 1), and something fresh (Day 2) BTBB 2-day workshop 2018

Day one is logic based process and system focused content that hundreds of attendees have seen – the day has scored a 9.61 / 10 over more than 400 reviews.

Day two is fresh, it’s human-connection based content, focused on building relationships with referral partners, industry partners, and our clients. It is ultimately about building a business that allows you to throttle back and not have to keep doing the exact same high effort things over and over, decade after decade. Build a business you own, rather than one that owns you. This content has been presented once in Ottawa, and once in Vancouver this year, and the reviews have been as strong as those for Day one.

The day price is designed to accommodate those who may already have attended the Day one session on the past. But considering it is 353 slides of content – perhaps there are some ideas to be re-discovered.

See you soon!

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  • Wednesday Oct 3rd & Thursday Oct 4th
  • 9am – 3.30pm

Canadian Mennonite University

500 Shaftesbury Blvd.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 2N2

Join us for a two-day interactive workshop focused on building a better you, refining your corporate structure, staff negotiations, targeting additional revenue opportunities, building a business and more, led by top-producing mortgage broker and author, Dustan Woodhouse!

Space is limited, so book your spot today!

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Who should attend? – Mortgage Brokers of all levels will receive strong value from these events.

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