1. Time Management

Experience stress free weekends, own your weeknight evenings. We walk through the skills, habits, and tools every Mortgage Agent needs. More than simply a lesson in E-Calendar use – this session is all about structuring your days, weeks, months, and life for maximum impact.

2. Database Management

The construction, management, and effective leverage of. Learn about the power you gain when making an effective effort to store contact data, catch opportunities others will miss for more effective lead generation, client management. Create the image of an expert, by becoming one in one area at a time. Together we will build a few simple new habits, and these will be game-changers for you.

Session 2 will be followed by 30 minutes of Q&A


Part 2.5 – The bonus topic of the day.

3. Workflow

The simplest foundation (yes it’s an excel sheet) for active client management you will find. ***this is not a features & benefits session with 88 screenshots of the worksheet, it is not a ‘how-to’, instead we focus on the critical and very easy steps required to actually adopt the habit of updating and using this worksheet daily.

Also supplied is connection to an expert Excel technician to help you custom build the worksheet to truly make it your own.  ***The Worksheet will be sent upon registration. It has truly been the backbone of my own mortgage business success, without question.

4. Telephone Skills 101

An interactive session on mastering simple bits of dialogue to vet clients inside 15 minutes while on the very
first phone call with them. Learn specific language, examples, and the skills to position yourself as the expert you are. Eliminate, or drastically reduce drive-time, because you get paid to close business – not to drive around in circles.

Session 4 will be followed by 30 minutes of Q&A