A Limited Opportunity

Who’s signed up so far?

  • Agents 1 year into this business
  • Agents 3 years in, but stuck at 15-25 files per year
  • Veterans with 15 years closing 150 files per year
  • The team builder

This event is where you will spend four hours involved in a private conversation about your business and the business of six of your peers along with myself. We will cover topics specific to each groups needs. Fill in the survey link and you will receive confirmation that there is indeed a group for you.

Level 1 – lead generation & launching your career (a.k.a. The rookie-roundtable)

Level 2 – lead generation & managing growth (experienced & looking for better systems and process)

Level 3 – increased lead filtering, managing growth & complexity, hiring, budgeting, ( you are busy, maybe too busy?)

Level 4 – You’ve exceed 150-200 files per year (maybe even 300) and discovered that more volume creates as many ‘opportunities’ (challenges) as it solves. How often do you sit down for a 4 hour conversation with people in the same space as yourself?

How often do you sit down for a 4 hour conversation with growth mindset oriented people in the same business space and head-space as yourself?

A few seats remain in each group. Lock one down!

What is this?

~30 minute opening from myself – new things absorbed from ongoing conversations and deep study with Brokers from one end of the country to the other.

~3hrs of roundtable conversation, effectively you hold the floor for 20 minutes to share best practices, and/or, leverage the brains around the table for a better solution to an ‘opportunity’ you are facing. Because life gives us no problems, only opportunities…and that’s the mindset you need to have to be in the room. A growth mindset. Always be growing.

Common topics for Brainstorming

  • Leads
  • More Leads
  • Higher Quality Leads
  • Working My Database, let me count the ways
  • Time mgmt.
  • Staffing issues
  • Holding it all together
  • Delegating what, when, to who

We will wrap up with a (Dustan-style) meal together: Lunch (AM session) or Dinner (PM Session)

The meal will be served in the conference room.
Each order is placed individually as per any dietary needs.
The food is top-notch, and included with registration.

The meal is a working 20-30 minute segment, not a long-winded wine & dessert laden affair.


You, & three – six other agents at a similar level to yourself, along with myself.

A maximum of eight participants, a minimum of four.

A room full of respectful individuals, no tweeting, facebook live, etc. This is a private conversation with peers on your own level.


This is the kind of event you will attend because you:

Want to work through an opportunity with a more eclectic mix of peers.

Want to share some of your own best practices.

Prefer a more intimate setting for four hours over the larger crowd for eight.

Why Not?

There are only two things I see stopping anyone from attending:

  • Fear
  • A cottage