The agenda may evolve leading up to the workshop dates – But the structure will be 12 unique segments delivered over 2 days, with each segment then re-delivered weekly all year long! 😊

2 days of content, 50 weeks of follow up & follow through!


1. Time Management 2.0

Applying lessons learned from the pandemic.

How to ‘home-office’ and maintain sanity. Why you should keep the office-office that nobody is ever going to come see you at again. Take back your evenings, and your weekends. Master the scripts, templates, tools, skills and habits that Mortgage Broker/Agent needs for their personal lives to survive (thrive is another story).

More than a lesson in E-Calendar use – this session is all APPLYING structure to your hours, days, weeks, months, years, for maximum positive impact.

Are you living your best life?

2. Database Construction

Building lifelong habits around your database, small seemingly simple things that top producers did to get where they are… and some keep doing in order to get where they’re going.

Don’t falter, don’t plateau.

Every single human you interact with is interviewing you for the job – are you living up to this expectation?

Are you even aware of it exists?

The lifetime value of the basic habits and skills in this segment can be measured in the millions. Your network is your net worth, so what are you doing about yours? The work and the worth.

Follow up matters, follow through matters even more (that’s a day 2 piece of this puzzle)


3. Tracking

It’s time to move past the excel sheet. Although a few of us may not have moved past sticky notes or a dry-erase board. This is not going to be a deep dive into tech, or one specific program.

Instead we will focus on the critical steps that must be tracked, the timing and detail of the communications that must go out, and together we will build the base level plan that works for you and your clients.

The main theme being ‘no news is only good news when one is delivered the news that there is no news’

4. The Arc Of The File – Part 1

Ring-Ring-Ring – ‘What’s your best rate?’

The next words out of your mouth will either;

  1. end the conversation in 10 seconds.
  2. turn into 20 wasted minutes on the phone.
  3. end with a complete mortgage plan and application built 45 minutes later.

What does it take to know when it needs to be a #1 vs a #3 – and how can you avoid the #2’s?

First off, understand that how that calls goes is 100% on you. It’s not the client, they weren’t a ‘rate-shopper‘ – that’s a word created by lazy weak-ass Brokers to make themselves feel better (about sucking at their role in life).

You are not lazy, you are not weak.

Maybe you are weak, that’s ok – we all start somewhere. Just don’t make excuses or blame others for it. You will never get the gains from someone else’s hard work – you gotta put in the work.

So let’s get prepared for that opening call.

Learn how to position yourself as an expert, ideally as The Expert!

5. The Arc Of The File – Part 2

Are we going to get deep into building the app? Isn’t that what a link is for?

Maybe. Maybe.

We are 100% going deep on your checklist.

You have a checklist right? Every pilot has a preflight checklist – have you got a pre-processing checklist?

Should you work with this client?

Did you ask the right questions, the right way?

Details matter, and as they say with staff we should be saying with clients; hire slow(er); fire fast(er).

Day 2 will have a deeper dive into delivering rejection, as well has handling rejection (never mind objections).

6. The Arc Of The File – Part 3

How am I supposed to know who does what in an industry lacking in Broker Kits and loaded with unwritten exceptions?

With 32 options, how am I certain that I am making the right choice for the client?

Wait, isn’t the client the one making the choice?

Where am I sending this file and why?

Who is responsible for what here?

Is my clients ass covered?

Is my ass covered?

So many questions! Answers for all!

6.1 ***Bonus*** – A Sparkly Guest 🦄

🌈 To close out day 1, one truly sparkling personality will join us to present a vital message to rock the donkeys and unite the unicorns!

Kyra Wong – Creator of The Magical Unicorn (Project)