Create Raving Fans – Part 1

It is Not About the Money Focusing on how much money you want to make is no guarantee for success. In fact, over the long term it may impede your success. You may be reading this and saying, β€œHang on, I thought it was recommended to have a direct income-related goal?!” and you would be […]

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Master Your Voice, Hire An Associate, Broker Talk, & No More 5% Down? (#fakenews)

If you missed this session, or this bonus round, with Vinh Giang on the value of Mastering Your Voice – then you really missed out – go back and check them out – for real. πŸ™‚ If you’re ready to operate at a higher level and refine your vocal skills – then CLICK HERE NOW […]

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Last week I invested ten hours into an interactive workshop hosted by master storyteller Vinh Giang. And an often repeated message each day was to #breakthemold, to step outside our comfort zone, and this weeks post reflects an effort to do just that… #workinprogress. The focus of the workshop was ‘tuning our instrument’, said instrument […]

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