Volume 2 – Now Available @ Amazon.com

After many (~10) months of jam packed writing weekends Be The Better Broker, Volume 2: Days 1-100 As A New Broker, Building Lasting Foundations and Surviving in the Meantime is at last available in print on amazon.com.

At the moment it is available on amazon.ca in Kindle format only. Paperback via amazon.ca should happen by Oct 1st.

The audiobook version will be available in 8-10 weeks to complement Volume 1 which is currently available at www.audible.com


Special Offer #1If you find any typo’s in Volume 2 and email me the page # and detail along with your mailing address I will mail you a complimentary copy of Volume 3 when released (~Oct).

Note: If you are the third person to point out an error you will need to dig to find another one, but the first two people will be golden.


Special Offer #2 – If you would be so kind as to write an honest review on either amazon.com or amazon.ca (either is appreciated) the same offer will apply. Simply email me a link to your review along with your mailing address and you will be on the list.


   Volume 3 – The Nuts & Bolts will be available in mid October.


Thank you


Dustan Woodhouse