Master Your Voice, Hire An Associate, Broker Talk, & No More 5% Down? (#fakenews)

If you missed this session, or this bonus round, with Vinh Giang on the value of Mastering Your Voice – then you really missed out – go back and check them out – for real. 🙂

If you’re ready to operate at a higher level and refine your vocal skills – then CLICK HERE NOW and input the discount code #MB2020 and invest 2hrs per day over 1 week starting Monday June 1st.

This interactive (and thus very challenging) series is limited to 32 participants, and it will be sold out soon. How soon? You are one of 3,203 people to receive this email… that soon.

Did I just promote someone or something here? Yes, both in fact.

Have I ever really done that before? No.

Why start now? Because I’ve attended Vinh’s live 3 day workshop and derived huge benefit from it, he is a remarkable teacher. I’ve also paid to attend this exact virtual 10hr masterclass series, it is 100% time & money well invested!

What Else?

Tuesday May 19 – Hiring an Associate?

Wednesday May 20 – The Bald Broker Panel

Thursday May 21 – Discussion with Paul Taylor re No More 5% Down… and other #fakenews

What’s Next?

This week we will have the one and only Jim Tourloukis for an hour of PURE GOLD, as well as another Broker Panel (this time with hair), and wrap the week with a discussion on reverse mortgages. Among other nuggets!

We are 7 seats away from the 1,000 max on the Zoom sign up list – but here is the link just in case you have been missing the sessions.

ALL sessions are 100% open to anyone and everyone in the industry, and they’ve been accessed via the same sign-up link for two months running – if you signed up for one, you are signed up for all!

All past sessions can be found here.

Speak soon!

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