Managing Expectations, the heart of this business.

What clients think is happening during the underwriting process…

A dozen or more Bank executives meeting at their local branch to spend a few hours, perhaps even a few days, reviewing the applicants file.


um ya…

What is really happening…

A single individual with the computing power of a Commodore 64 surrounded stacks of paper files is expected to review and approve not only all of your files documents, but those of 16 other files within a single workday.


Clarifying that the process depends on a complete documents package being submitted on day one will receive the fastest response, and even then that response may well be two, three, or even five business days away is vital.


Set expectations from day one during the initial conversation, while building the application, not the day that the clients write their offer.



Switch – Submit 45 days in advance – ‘File Complete’ 30 days prior to maturity

Refinance – 10 business days for review, 30 days to fund from date of submission

Purchase (no conditions) 5-10 business days for review – ‘File Complete‘ 15 days prior to funding

Purchase (with conditions) 3-5 business days for review – ‘File Complete‘ 15 days prior to funding


Setting guidelines such as these lower the stress level for all involved.


Manage Expectations.