Attention to Detail

It’s the little things that matter in life; the details. This is true in love, in business, and in all aspects of human interaction. The small gift that says we were thinking of one another, that we were listening, that we were observing who this person really is… this is what makes a meaningful connection. I’ve been given something as seemingly trivial as a keychain that holds more emotional value than the key to a new car would’ve. You won’t build rapport with everyone that you come into contact with, and that’s fine. But when the opportunity presents itself to make a genuine and meaningful connection, I implore you to please, please, please embrace it. Do not let it pass.

I once had clients send me a very unique and thoughtful thank-you gift. They were both into dirt biking, and knew that I was as well. They took the time to get a motocross jersey emblazoned with my name on the back. 6 years later (2020) I still have it, and I still wear it on fair-weather days. And I think of them every time I do. They made the connection with me, and they have my ear whenever they need it… pretty much for life.

In my early years in the business, one of my key referral sources mentioned that he was a huge Gordon Lightfoot fan. It came up in passing, but a year later when Gordon Lightfoot came to town, I made a point of locking down front-row, center tickets. That resonated with them for years afterward. Pay attention, take notes, and take action when the opportunity arises to do something special. You will feel great about it in the moment yourself, and it will resonate, often for many years.

There are multiple layers to identifying with and making connections with people. This is a people business.

It is “Personal Selling”, to lift the name of a very cheesy sounding college course that was, in fact, incredibly important as I look back on it. And when it comes to personal selling, it is 99.9% personal and 0.01% selling. The great ones know this, and by great I don’t necessarily mean #1 in the office, I mean people seen by their peers, clients, friends, and family as genuinely kind humans. They know that a happy life is about building and maintaining happy relationships.

A spin on this is a phrase you will hear often from me: “we advise, client’s instruct”.

Humans want advice, on many things. Humans want help. We want guidance, in many areas. And we want that advice, help, and guidance to come from someone we know, like and trust. So be a kind human first and foremost.

The money will take care of itself.

It truly will.