Happy New Year!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

A year ago I made a commitment to #2021YearOfFun, and despite working some crazy hours there were adventures on skiis, two wheels, and all kinds of fun found even in the the briefest of moments – we really do find what we focus on!

This glass half full thing may well be taking more effort these days, nonetheless it seems worth doubling down on for 2022.

And so here comes #2022YearOfJoyRedundant? Repetitive? More of the same?

Meh… Same-Same, But Different!

All we can do is keep adapting… and the good news is; we’re all pretty great at adapting!

I’ll wrap with the same quote as last year…

“Given the choice to be right or to be kind, choose kind.”

And on the topic, here’s a link to a chat re the book ‘Choose Kind‘ with author Jack Strong 

No greeting card in the snail-mail, instead the dollars were again diverted to www.beatstreetfeet.com

The original $1,000 target, for (dry&warm) socks for those on the streets of Vancouver, has been exceeded by $22,000 – thank you! 

Let’s keep going… in all the ways that matter!
Just keep going!

Happy 2022!